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Last updated: 24 May 2017

Welcome to SandwichUI

This is the UI kit that powers the Simppler applications and websites, our living design documentation, and a Fabricator-powered prototyping tool used by the designers at Simppler.

What is sandwich?

Currently SandwichUI includes all styles and the suggested markup for the basic components and more complicated modules that make up the UI of the Simppler applications. Future versions will include:

tldr; This kit is currently in beta. We are still ironing out the bugs.

Why is it called sandwich?

While we were talking about modularizing our front-end, We got tired of talking about Legos as the metaphor for modular UIs and design systems. We tried to come up with other things that are modular, and it turns out sandwiches are another thing in the world that is built modularly. It was also probably lunch time. It makes us smile, so the name stuck.


You can use all the styles from this kit by:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/toolkit/styles/sandwich-ui.css">